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The information provided below is in accordance with Federal Consumer Information regulations. Contact the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid for details or to request a hard copy.

HKS Financial Assistance Process Information
Basic financial assistance and contact information
Total cost of attendance
Terms and conditions for students to receive Direct Loans
Need-based and non-need-based state and local aid programs, school aid programs, and other private aid programs
How students apply for aid, and how eligibility is determined
How does the school distribute aid among students?
How or when financial aid will be disbursed 
Rights and responsibilities of students receiving financial assistance
Terms and conditions of any employment that is part of a financial aid package
Terms, schedules, loan repayment necessity, and required loan entrance/exit counseling
  • Student loans general information on entrance/exit counseling
  • Details on entrance and exit counseling for admitted students on internal site
  • Additional details are available on request if you are a prospective student

Students receiving federal need-based (Work-Study) assistance who are selected to be verified, and all students receiving federal financial assistance selected by federal processors are required to provide proof of identity and to sign a statement of educational purpose must complete the verification process.

This includes documentation that is required depends upon the verification group. 

Read more complete information on verification here.

Criteria for measuring Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): how a student who has not maintained SAP can reestablish eligibility for federal financial aid
Requirements to return federal financial aid when a student withdraws: return to Title IV (R2T4) Compliance and Student Aid Refund Policy 
Information About Academic Programs and Student Attainment
Accreditation and institutional research
  • Visit Harvard Office of Institutional Research for names of associations, agencies, or governmental bodies that accredit, approve, or license the School and its programs, and how students may review a copy of the school’s accreditation, licensure, or approval
Cross registration and transfer policy
Facilities and services for students with disabilities
Degree programs, training, and other educational opportunities available as well as plans for improving academic programs at Harvard University 
Instructional, laboratory, and other physical plant facilities associated with academic programs
List of HKS faculty members and instructional personnel
Terms and conditions for students receiving federal loans to obtain deferment
Information on placement of and types of employment obtained by HKS graduates
Consumer information for student athletes
Graduation rate information
School Facilities, Services, and Campus Policies
Drug and alcohol abuse prevention
Campus security statistics and security policies

Harvard provides a number of resources to help students understand campus security statistics and policies.

Building Information, Harvard Planning Office
  • The Harvard Planning Office manages the online Harvard map. Additional information can be added to the map or custom versions of the map can be created for Harvard websites. 
Harvard Kennedy School missing persons procedures
Emergency response and evacuation procedures
Harvard University’s fire safety report
Harvard vaccination policy
Policies and sanctions related to copyright infringement
Textbook information
  • Information about required textbooks and supplemental materials may be available in the Online Course Materials section, on the internal portal
Constitution Day
Harvard University student code of conduct
FERPA compliance and blocks
Voter registration

Students receive an email from Harvard Kennedy School that includes voter information. Paper voter registration forms are available in the HKS Office of Admissions & Financial Aid.

In addition, HKS is participating in the Harvard Votes Challenge, a nonpartisan, university-wide effort that is challenging Harvard schools to do their part to increase voter registration and participation among eligible students. Sign up today for more information about:

  • Registration deadlines
  • Voting resources and guides
  • Events on political participation, elections, and democracy in societies around the world at HKS and Harvard University
  • Volunteer opportunities with the Harvard Votes Challenge