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The Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy’s faculty, research fellows, and students are committed to achieving a deeper understanding of the barriers we face to greater equality and access to opportunities for all. Through rigorous research, quantitative and qualitative in nature, we offer policy solutions that have the potential to reduce or eliminate barriers and improve people’s lives. 



New research from the Project on Workforce draws on a novel dataset from CareerWise Colorado to explore the key drivers of retention and completion for youth apprentices. Better understanding these factors means that employers can structure programs that lead to apprentice success.


Shift Project research published in Health Affairs on sick leave coverage for service sector workers finds that there is limited access to paid sick leave and women are less likely than men to have access. However, in states that mandate paid sick leave for workers, the gender gap is eliminated.


Marcella Alsan was chosen for her scholarly insights on understanding the origins of medical mistrust and the role it plays in understanding health disparities. Nomination to the National Academy of Medicine is considered one of the most prestigious honors in the medical and public health fields.

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A crowd sits in a room watching three panelists speak.Launching the Reimagining the Economy project

Reimagining the Economy, led by Gordon Hanson and Dani Rodrik, aims to produce scholarship that reshapes narratives about how we achieve inclusive prosperity.


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The Reimagining the Economy project's new Policy Works podcast features conversations with agents and enablers of economic development. Four episodes are out now.


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Danny Schneider, co-director of the Shift Project, discussed how data shows that hourly workers have experienced deteriorating working conditions despite being lauded as heroes during the pandemic.

Programs and Initiatives

The Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management draws from rigorous research as well as insights from practitioners and people from impacted communities to inform the development of fairer and more just criminal legal system policies, practices, and procedures.

The James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Program in Wealth Distribution, Inequality and Social Policy unites faculty, students, and researchers from across Harvard University and beyond to address the causes and consequences of wealth inequalities in different populations around the world.

The Project on Workforce is an interdisciplinary, collaborative project with Harvard Business School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education charting the course for a post-secondary system of the future that creates more and better pathways to economic mobility.

The Shift Project, a joint project at Harvard Kennedy School and UCSF, examines the nature and consequences of precarious employment in the service sector with a focus on how policymakers and firms can improve job quality.

The Reimagining the Economy project explores local labor market, industrial, and development policies, combined with practitioner insights, to produce multidisciplinary scholarship to reshape narratives about how we achieve inclusive prosperity.

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