fbpx Globalization | Harvard Kennedy School

In a recent working paper, Harvard Kennedy School Professor Gordon Hanson and his colleagues report on the persistence of the China shock.  They find that the disruption caused by the Chinese manufacturing surge was not just deep but also long-lasting. Indeed, the negative effects were sustained in some U.S. factory towns for nearly a decade after the Chinese manufacturing boom leveled off in 2010.

Dark matter of trade really matters

Ricardo Hausmann argues that the international value of a country's technology is playing a large, if not completely understood, role in its gross national product, and that trade policy is not the answer to trade deficits.

What does a true populism look like?

Professor Dani Rodrik argues in the New York Times that the current populist backlash to globalization is similar to earlier versions in American history when lesser-skilled workers experienced salary stagnation and saw their social status decline.

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