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Harvard Kennedy School faculty disseminate their research in working publications and papers that contribute to public knowledge and fuel policy innovation. This list features recent faculty publications, including journal articles, books, edited volumes, research papers, and public testimony.

Faculty Publications & Papers

Jay, Jonathan, Felicia Heykoop, Linda Hwang, Jorrit de Jong, and Michelle Kondo. "Use of smartphone mobility data to analyze city park visits during the COVID-19 pandemic." Landscape and Urban Planning 228 (December 2022): 104554.
Atkinson, Mariam K., and Soroush Saghafian. "Who Should See the Patient? On Deviations from Preferred Patient-Provider Assignments in Hospitals." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP19-037, November 2022.
Hanson, Gordon H., Pia Orrenius, and Madeline Zavodny. "US Immigration from Latin America in Historical Perspective." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-023, November 2022.
Rosengard, Jay K. "The World’s Best-Kept Financial Inclusion Secret Revealed: The Untold Success Story of BRI Microbanking Since 1895." Ash Center Policy Briefs Series, November 2022.
Saghafian, Soroush, Linda D. Song, Joseph P. Newhouse, Mary Beth Landrum, and John Hsu. "The Impact of Vertical Integration on Physician Behavior and Healthcare Delivery: Evidence from Gastroenterology Practices." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP20-031, November 2022.
Lasky-Fink, Jessica, and Elizabeth Linos. "It’s Not Your Fault: Reducing Stigma Increases Take-up of Government Programs." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-022, November 2022.
Andrabi, Tahir, Natalie Bau, Jishnu Das, and Asim Ijaz Khwaja. "Heterogeneity in School Value-Added and the Private Premium." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-020, November 2022.
Ho, Lisa Y., Emily Breza, Marcella Alsan, Abhijit Banerjee, Arun G. Chandrasekhar, Fatima Cody Stanford, Renato Fior, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Kelly Holland, Emily Hoppe, Louis-Maël Jean, Lucy Ogbu-Nwobodo, Benjamin A. Olken, Carlos Torres, Pierre-Luc Vautrey, Erica Warner, and Esther Duflo. "The Impact of Large-Scale Social Media Advertising Campaigns on COVID-19 Vaccination: Evidence from Two Randomized Controlled Trials." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-021, November 2022.
Yemiscigil, Ayse, Dana Born, Scott Snook, and Emily Pate. "Authentic leader(ship) development and leaders' psychological well-being: an outcome-wide analysis." Leadership & Organization Development Journal 43.8 (2022): 1287-1307.
Muhammad, Khalil Gibran, Bruce Western, Yamrot Negussie, and Emily Backes, eds. Reducing Racial Inequality in Crime and Justice: Science, Practice, and Policy. National Academies Press, 2022.
Linos, Elizabeth, Allen Prohofsky, Aparna Ramesh, Jesse Rothstein, and Matthew Unrath. "Can Nudges Increase Take-Up of the EITC? Evidence from Multiple Field Experiments." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 14.4 (November 2022): 432-452.
Alsan, Marcella, Maya Durvasula, Harsh Gupta, Joshua Schwartzstein and Heidi L. Williams. "Representation and Extrapolation: Evidence from Clinical Trials." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-019, October 2022.
Aldy, Joseph E., Dallas Burtraw, Carolyn Fischer, Meredith Fowlie, Roberton C. Williams III & Maureen L. Cropper. "How Is the US Pricing Carbon? How Could We Price Carbon?" HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-018, October 2022.
Andrews, Matt. "What is public policy success, especially in development?" HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-015, September 2022.
Diodato, Dario, Ricardo Hausmann, and Ulrich Schetter. "A Simple Theory of Economic Development at the Extensive Industry Margin." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-016, September 2022.
Wittenberg, Chloe, Matthew A. Baum, Adam J. Berinsky, Justin de Benedictis-Kessner, and Teppei Yamamoto. "Media Measurement Matters: Estimating the Persuasive Effects of Partisan Media with Survey and Behavioral Data." September 26, 2022.
Norris, Pippa. In Praise of Skepticism: Trust but Verify. Oxford University Press, 2022.
Bai, Jie, Ludovica Gazze, and Yukun Wang. "Collective Reputation in Trade: Evidence from the Chinese Dairy Industry." The Review of Economics and Statistics 104.6 (September 2022): 1-16.
Saich, Anthony. "What to Expect from the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party." Ash Center Policy Briefs Series, September 2022.
Smith, Sandra Susan, and Cierra Robson. "Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Social Costs of Pretrial Electronic Monitoring in San Francisco." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-014, September 2022.
Donovan, Joan, Emily Dreyfuss, and Brian Friedberg. Meme Wars : The Untold Story of the Online Battles Upending Democracy in America. Bloomsbury, 2022.
Natali, Susan M., Robin Bronen, Patricia Cochran, John P. Holdren, Brendan M. Rogers, and Rachael Treharne. "Incorporating permafrost into climate mitigation and adaptation policy." Environmental Research Letters 17.9 (September 2022): 091001.
Warshaw, Christopher, Justin de Benedictis-Kessner, and Yamil R. Velez. "Local Representation in the United States: A New Comprehensive Dataset of Elections." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-013, September 2022.
Palmer, Maxwell, Benjamin Schneer, and Kevin DeLuca. "A Partisan Solution to Partisan Gerrymandering: The Define-Combine Procedure." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-012, August 2022.
Aldy, Joseph E., and Zachery M. Halem. "The Evolving Role of Greenhouse Gas Emission Offsets in Combating Climate Change." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-011, August 2022.
Saghafian, Soroush, Derya Kilinc, and Stephen J. Traub. "Dynamic Assignment of Patients to Primary and Secondary Inpatient Units: Is Patience a Virtue?" HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP17-010, August 2022.
Baum, Matthew A., Alauna Safarpour, and Kristin Lunz Trujillo. "4 reasons why abortion laws often clash with the majority's preferences in the US, from constitutional design to low voter turnout." The Conversation, August 25, 2022.
de Benedictis Kessner, Justin, Daniel Jones, and Christopher Warshaw. "How Partisanship in Cities Influences Housing Policy." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP21-035, August 2022.
Aldy, Joseph. "Learning How to Build Back Better through Clean Energy Policy Evaluation." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-010, August 2022.
Mainwaring, Scott, and Tarek Masoud, eds. Democracy in Hard Places. Oxford University Press, 2022.
Furman, Jason. "The Quants in the Room: How Much Power Do Economists Really Have?" Review of by Thinking Like an Economist: How Efficiency Replaced Equality in US. Public Policy. ed. Elizabeth Popp Berman. Foreign Affairs, 101.4, 2022: 182-189.
Wharam, J. Frank, Jamie Wallace, Stephanie Argetsinger, Fang Zhang, Christine Y. Lu, Tomasz P. Stryjewski, Dennis Ross-Degnan, and Joseph P. Newhouse. "Diabetes Microvascular Disease Diagnosis and Treatment After High-Deductible Health Plan Enrollment." Diabetes Care 45.8 (August 2022): 1754-1761.
Chenoweth, Erica, Andrew Hocking, and Zoe Marks. "A Dynamic Model of Nonviolent Resistance Strategy." PLoS ONE 17.7 (July 2022).
Routel, Colette, Joseph Kalt, et al. "Brief for Indian Law and Policy Professors as Amici Curiae Supporting Petitioner in United States v. Cooley." University of Colorado Law Legal Studies Research Paper, July 2022.
Ang, Desmond. "The Birth of a Nation: Media and Racial Hate." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP20-038, November 2020 (Updated July 2022).
Nair, Gautam, and Federico Sturzenegger. "The Global Distributive Impact of the US Inflation Shock." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-009, August 2022.
Fung, Archon, Hollie Russon Gilman, and Mark Schmitt. "Strengthening Models of Civic Engagement: Community-Informed Approaches to Inclusive and Equitable Decision-Making." Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, July 2022.
Norris, Pippa. "Challenges in Electoral Integrity." Routledge Handbook of Election Law. Ed. Schultz, David, and Jurij Toplak. Routledge, 2022.
Baum, Matthew A., Bryce J. Dietrich, and Rebecca Goldstein, and Maya Sen. "Sensitive Questions, Spillover Effects, and Asking about Citizenship on the US Census." The Journal of Politics 84.3 (July 2022): 1869-1873.
Tucker-Foltz, Jamie, and Richard Zeckhauser. "Playing Divide-and-Choose Given Uncertain Preferences." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-008, July 2022.
Gonzalez, Yanilda, and Lindsay Mayka. "Policing, Democratic Participation, and the Reproduction of Asymmetric Citizenship." American Political Science Review (July 2022): 1-17.
Smith, Sandra Susan. "Pretrial Detention, Pretrial Release & Public Safety." Arnold Ventures Public Safety Series, July 2022.
Andrianesis, Panagiotis, Dimitris J Bertsimas, Michael Caramanis, and William W. Hogan. "Computation of Convex Hull Prices in Electricity Markets with Non-Convexities using Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition." IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 37.4 (July 2022): 2578-2589.
Sen, Maya, Yamil Velez, and Mayya Komisarchik. "The Political Consequences of Ethnically Targeted Incarceration: Evidence from Japanese American Internment during World War II." The Journal of Politics 84.3 (July 2022).
Deming, David. "Four Facts about Human Capital." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-007, June 2022.
Green, Jon, James Druckman, Matthew Baum, David Lazer, Katherine Ognyanova, and Roy Perlis. "Depressive Symptoms and Conspiracy Beliefs." Institute for Policy Research Working Paper Series, Northwestern University, June 17, 2022.
Resch, Tobias and Benjamin Schneer. "Policy Consequences of Civil Society: Evidence from German-American Counter-Mobilization to Prohibition." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-004, June 2022.
Shattuck, John, Sushma Raman, and Mathias Risse. Holding together: the hijacking of rights in America and how to reclaim them for everyone. The New Press, 2022.
Andrews, Matt. "This is How to Think about and Achieve Public Policy Success." HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP22-006, May 2022.
Beck, Colin J., Mlada Bukovansky, Erica Chenoweth, George Lawson, Sharon Erickson Nepstad, and Daniel P. Ritter. On Revolutions: Unruly Politics in the Contemporary World. Oxford University Press, 2022.